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Online Payment
& Ecommerce

Comprehensive Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Instant Crypto Payment And Super Innovative Ecommerce System

Tican Features

Tican Ecosystem is implementing Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts with Super Innovative features .

TICAN Blockchain

With its high speed and very low transaction fees, the TICAN Blockchain is way different from the rest. Completely decentralized and highly scalable, the Blockchain has Smart Contracts for daily transactions with total reliability and security. TICAN Blockchain's block size and block time are influenced by Ripple and Stellar Blockchains. Using similar principles, TICAN Blockchain has the fastest transaction settlement speed ever. Using our tailored Blockchain, we can greatly reduce the cost of transactions, making them almost free. Users and merchants need not worry about transaction fees. A token generator engine and a block explorer to duly record every transaction with transparency are other added highlights.

Plugins/Apps for Ecommerce Platforms

We are developing several free app/plugin for popular ecommerce platform that online store owners can simply integrate into their websites and start receiving TIA without hassle, These apps would be available for download/testing from our Github repository.

Payment Gateway API

Tican Gateway API, which is an open-source API and available in GitHub, will let anyone create his or her own payment gateway within the Tican iFiat Ecosystem and run on Tican blockchain. websites will be able to accept TIA by using Tican Payment Gateway API


This can be termed as a decentralized wallet for iFiat tokens. Merchants are not charged any transaction fees when dealing with iFiat tokens hence this makes it a coveted transaction method. Whether converting Cryptocurrency to iFiats or using iFiat tokens for transactions, the iBucket provides the repository for any-time use thus shielding the users from market volatilities and thereby maximizing gains.

TICAN iFiat Ecosystem

The ecosystem runs on the TICAN Blockchain thereby eliminating the need for any third-party untested, expensive and slow Blockchains. The ecosystem offers the usage of iFiat like any other Cryptocurrency with very small transaction fees. The iFiats runs through a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Blockchain.

TICAN Hybrid Banking Services

Users can get an account which is more efficient than any existing bank account in the world, for all their local and international banking. Whatever users' needs are, we make it easy by providing a unique online banking experience. Our Hybrid Banking Services will be Fully integrated with local payment networks such as SWIFT, ACH, NEFT, FPS, Wire, SEPA, RTGS, and many more for the transfer of existing central bank issued currencies. Tican account will also handle the new generation of asset class such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT and Tican coin

TICAN Trading Bot

A smart trading bot that allows users to load multiple assets thereby providing maximum gain from the Cryptocurrency transactions. The bot also lets users to set conditions for transactions and the bot executes the trade when the conditions are met. This gives enormous freedom to users in customizing trade conditions for maximizing gains.


Based on the machine-learning and decision-making algorithm, the AI Engine is designed to advise users the best time for Cryptocurrency to iFiats conversion to obtain highest gain. The engine also uses several other sophisticated trade algorithms and market forecasts to deliver the most accurate outcome.

TICAN Ecommerce

The Tican ecommerce platform is revolutionary, featuring low-cost quality products from around the world. People from anywhere can buy stuff using TIA via Tican wallet and avoid unnecessary charges/spending, and get products shipped to their locations. The ecommerce platform also features all the necessary tools for creating and developing online shops. Unlike similar projects, The Tican ecommerce platform is powered by Blockchain. This innovation differs the platform from other e-commerce platforms. Manufacturers don’t have to spend too a lot of money and resources just to create e-shop. Manufacturers can upload their products to The platform and receive purchases from buyers from around the world. Vendors can monitor customers’ activities and create commission system for their stores

TICAN Brand Ambassadors Program

With The TICAN BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, members can enjoy benefits quickly and easily via TICAN users’ network and products. A TICAN Brand Ambassador can accumulate TICAN Coins (TIA) and enjoy special bonuses with sales from TICAN products/services.

Mobile App for Users & Marchants

Users are able to instantly convert any of their crypto assets to any iFiats (i.e., iUSD, iEUR etc.). This Lets users and merchants send and receive money almost instantly and for free, or users can choose to deposit the cash in their bank accounts or load their cards and use it in stores worldwide.

Tican Card

Users are able to shop with Visa and Master Card anytime, around the world with their Tican Card with any retailer that accepts Visa and Master Card. Users can manage their card on-the-go, Get detailed information for all transaction activity and reload dollars from the app. Users can also turn their TIAs into Visa Virtual Credit Cards and shop online


Physical POS Terminal

The Tican POS terminal is available in two types, for mobile users and for physical stores, and both come with unique features, include but not limited to the following: Borderless - Unlike traditional POS terminal solutions, which are limited to a specific region, Tican POS terminals can be used everywhere in the world without infrastructure limitation, 0% transaction fee, Instant settlement (24 x 7 x 365), Secure connection, No lock-in contract, no exit fee, Add and Manage unlimited number of products, Various discounts,promotions and deal options, Receive money without card (QR Code), Detailed business reports and insights.


API Suite

The comprehensive and defined API Suite on REST API standard, which has been secured in multi-function security pattern, has been designed to not only work as another income generation stream for Tican coin and token holders but also to let anyone use Tican as a white-label solution to acquire more customers


Virtual Credit Card

The virtual cards are designed for secure online payments or other distance payments with cards. The virtual card protects your information online. It is a debit card that doesn’t exist in a material form and is designed especially for online purchases. There is no plastic card, but only card details: 16-digit Mastercard or Visa card number, CVV code, and date of expiry. Pay for products and services at any online shop including Tican Store, and other Ecommerce stores; Game online on different platforms; Use for online subscriptions - bookings, travels; Purchase apps and software from major stores; Help your freelance subscriptions for businesses. You can set spending limits, freeze/unfreeze cards for additional protection, and choose from various designs.